How to Start a Bookkeeping Business

Want to make money from home without the gimmicks?

How to build a six-figure bookkeeping business in only 2 months:

Without expensive degrees, credentials, years of experience, or feeling lost!

Leap Into Bookkeeping is a CPA-led blueprint for aspiring bookkeepers. Learn the skills you need to start a wildly profitable bookkeeping business in two months — without experience or credentials.

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Why Start a Bookkeeping Business

Finally... a Recession-Proof Online Business with Consistent Income and Real Flexibility

There is a better way to use your God-given skills to make money online, and I’ll show you the EXACT blueprint I used to build a virtual bookkeeping business in just a couple months:

  • NO MORE expensive childcare 
  • NO MORE pestering friends and family to purchase low-margin MLM products
  • NO MORE scouring for well-paying hourly remote jobs
  • NO MORE constantly looking for new clients
  • NO MORE constant social media posting 
  • NO MORE long commutes to a windowless cubicle

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Are you ready for the freedom and flexibility you long for?

Learn How to Start a Bookkeeping Business!

Hey, friend! My Name is Mandy Scheller.

I help aspiring bookkeepers get the sales, marketing, and technical skills needed to launch a wildly profitable business in just 2 months — without years of experience or credentials.

I’m a CPA, wife, and mom of two girls, and run a booming bookkeeping business from home. My spouse travels for a living, so being able to work from anywhere has been a lifesaver! 

I worked in a cubicle for 7 years before starting my own business. I scaled to six-figures in a couple months after going full-time!

Now, I help bookkeepers like you succeed. Believe me… YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES! 

I’ll show you my proven blueprint to start a work-from-home bookkeeping business, even with no prior experience.

How to Start a Bookkeeping Business

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